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MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™
MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™
MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™
MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™
MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™
MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™

    MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™

    €79,99 €100,00

      The world’s first cordless battery-powered bottle warmer is here!

      If you’re a parent, you know how stressful and time-consuming it is to always have ready-to-go breast milk or water for your baby (and have it at the perfect temperature.)

      And because you want the best (and nothing less) for your baby, you know you need a simpler and more convenient way to ensure your sweet baby has perfectly warmed milk from the moment they enter this world.

      That’s where MyBambini's Bottle Warmer Pro™ comes in and makes your life so much easier.

      No more heavy thermoses, asking for warm water at restaurants, or long-lasting middle-of-the-night feedings. This bottle warmer prepares your baby’s food in less than 1 minute with the help of heat retention.
      Perfect for on-the-go and home use, this bottle warmer will heat up milk (or baby formula) to your desired temperature (and keep it there) so your baby is always well-fed, safe, and healthy.


      Compatible with almost ALL bottle brands!

      • AVENT Philips
      • BIBS
      • Boon
      • Chicco Perfect 5 & Original Touch
      • Combi
      • Comotomo
      • Difrax
      • Dodie
      • Dr. Brown’s (all sizes)
      • Haakaa
      • Hegen (square bottle)
      • Heorshe
      • J Bimbi
      • Lansinoh
      • MAM
      • Medela
      • Minbie
      • Nanobebe (all sizes)
      • NIP
      • Nuby
      • NUK (all sizes)
      • Nuvita
      • Olababy
      • Pigeon (all sizes)
      • Sepal
      • Spectra
      • Suavinex
      • Tommee Tippee
      • Twistshake
      • And many more!

      If you are using more than 1 bottle brand please buy additional adapters here

      If you still have any other questions please ask us in chat or by email!


      Please contact us if you are not sure if your bottle will fit!

        ✓ Quick Heating. 10 minutes or less.
        ✓ Temperature Settings. 37°, 40°, 45°, 50°.
        ✓ Heat Retention. Up to 8 hours; liquid stays at chosen temperature until warmer is removed.

        Dimensions & Weight: 80 x 87 x 65mm / 300 Grams

        Safety Features
        • Automatic Power Off
        • Dry Heating Protection
        • Overheating Fuse Protection
        • Battery Overcharge Protection

        Technical Specs
        • SUS316 Stainless Steel
        • 4800mAh Li-ion Battery
        • Charging Time – 1A-2h, 2A-1h
        • 8 warming times per full charge.

        Bottle Warmer Kit contains
        • 1 Bottle Warmer Unit
        • 1 Dust Cover
        • 1 USB Cable
        • 1 Travel Pouch
        • 1 Sealing Ring